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End the Lockout, or we're moving on

by chewy 1. October 2012 08:00

Get it done, or the sport is toast.


At a time when the wounds have finally healed from the last mistake, and the NHL is on the verge of new heights in terms of popularity, why is it that two groups of rich guys can't settle on who should get richer and move on?  When I take the time to think through the issues, I can see both sides of the issue.  For the owners: it's their business.  They risk their wealth on an investment and can run their company as they please.  That's the way it should be.  For the players: without them, there would be no league.  They're the best in the world, and that's who we pay to see.  They gave up huge concessions in the last lockout and are being pounded into submission again. 


That said… I just don't care.  I'm a fan, not an arbitrator.  In fact, I'm a die-hard fan.  I watch over 100 hockey games a year.  I spend many hours a week on a hockey website, because I love the game.  And I have become indifferent and numb.  If games are canceled, I'm ready to tune out.  If the season is scrapped, I may never come back.  If that's the feeling from a die-hard, imagine the blowback from the average fan, or the new fan.  Believe it or not, there other forms of entertainment available to the world. 


Get it done, or landsharkhockey, and millions of other fans (of all levels) may just find something else to do when/if sanity finally returns.


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