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How To Play

Love to draft? Wish you could re-live that magic all season long?
Fantasy Draft Frenzy (FDF) is our exclusive, unique approach to fantasy hockey that combines the best part of fantasy sports (drafting) in a league that lets you compete against the rest of the world for bragging rights, and for prizes. With FDF, you can draft and redraft your team as often as you like, any time, day or night. Here's how it works:

Drafting Your Team

Using our exclusive Mock Draft Room, you draft a roster consisting of 6 forwards, 4 defensemen, 2 goalies and 4 bench spots. You'll be pitted against our automatic drafting system, which uses our up to date player rankings and unique drafting logic to pick the system teams in your draft. After drafting your team, you are free to move players to and from your starting lineup from your bench. Don't like your team? Throw it out and draft again. There is no limit to the number of times you can redraft your roster before and throughout the season.

Scoring System

Each week, fantasy points are awarded based on stats earned by players on your active roster for that week. The scoring system is as follows:

Category Value
Goals 5
Assists 3
+/- 1
Penalty Minutes .5
Power Play Goals 2
Short-handed Goals 4
Category Value
Goals 10
Assists 4
+/- 1
Penalty Minutes .5
Power Play Goals 5
Short-handed Goals 10
Category Value
Minutes .1
Wins 6
Losses -3
Goals Against -5
Saves .5
Shutouts 10
Note: If you click on the player search, you can view total fantasy points for each player, to get an idea of how this point system plays out.

How to Win

Your total fantasy points earned each week will be credited to your team's score for the season. Your point totals will be ranked against all other registered teams in FDF. The team with the most points scored at the end of the season is the winner. Prizes will also be awarded on a monthly basis, and the top team each week will also be highlighted on our front page.

Setting Your Roster

Rosters are managed on a week by week basis. All roster moved are locked as of 8 P.M. (EST) each Sunday night for the following week's games. Any movement up and down, and any redrafts of your roster will affect the next week's stats (not the current, locked week).
Note: Once you decide to redraft your roster, there's no going back. Your slate for next week is wiped clean and you'll be left with whatever you can get with your new draft results. So choose wisely when to start over.


Prizes for this (our first) season for Fantasy Draft Frenzy will be classic hockey cards. Next season, based on participation, we will be looking to secure sponsorship for more substantial prizes. Here is what you can win this season:

First Place Overall: Brett Hull Rookie Card
Second Place Overall: Jaromir Jagr Rookie Card

Monthly prizes will also be awarded as follows:

October: Rob Blake Rookie Card
November: Pavel Bure Rookie Card
December: Niklas Lidstrom Rookie Card
January: Sergei Makarov Rookie Card
February: Autographed Brian Trottier Card
March: Autographed Brett Hull Card

Note: Official stats are calculated on a weekly basis each Monday. For the purposes of monthly prizes, a month consists all all weeks in given month whose Monday falls within that calendar month.

Bragging Rights

The current top 10 league leaders will be displayed on the Landsharkhockey home page for the world to see. The current overall leader will have his/her team's logo displayed for extra gloating rights. In addition, the leader for each week will displayed with logo and team name.
So tell your friends to join in the fun.
See our Official Rules for more details.
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