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Kimmo Timonen - D - PHI

According to the number, which I'm told do not lie, Timonen was in the top 10 in total fantasy points for defenseman last season. Not shocking, given his history as a go-to fantasy guy. Somewhat shocking, given his age and how poorly Philly performed. At age 38, Timonen is likely looking at his last go-round. He will yield minutes to youngsters like Schenn and newcomers like Streit, which will likely impact his point totals. 35 points would be a lofty goal at this point.

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Season End3011-22000
Week 25311212100
Week 24412322100
Week 23000000000
Week 223022-10000
Week 213022-20000
Week 202011-22000
Week 194000-14000
Week 18401102000
Week 17101110000
Week 16413406100
Week 15301112000
Week 144011-14000
Week 13211200100
Week 12402212000
Week 11300010000
Week 10303322000
Week 9204416000
Week 8402210000
Week 7300012000
Week 6201112000
Week 53011-12000
Week 4407782000
Week 33011-30000
Week 22011-12000
Week 1200010000

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