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Ray Emery - G - PHI

High Risk, High Reward is the overused phrase that most applies to Ray Emery in the goalie discussion. Emery has paid his dues and shaken the poor reputation he earned early in his career. He put together a fantastic effort as 1B in Chicago last season, and he's ready to make a go at being the Main Man again. His only hurdle will be to dispose of Mason in training camp. His value comes down to two factors: 1. Health. 2. Flyer Rebound. Philly has to be better this year, but that depends on them finding their way defensively. Assuming they prove 2013 to be a fluke, the Flyers should re-establish themselves as a contender, making Emery a very nice (and probably cheap) option for your fantasy squad. Snag him mid-draft and look very smart come Winter.

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Season End1006543.69260.8670
Week 251001826.6770.7780
Week 24100203930.50
Week 23311185103.24750.8820
Week 2253125161.431260.9550
Week 212019131.98550.9480
Week 201015933.05160.8420
Week 1920212073.5480.8730
Week 182017464.86390.8670
Week 17000000010
Week 162108421.43230.920
Week 151106022210.9130
Week 141015955.08410.8910
Week 13000000010
Week 1221111952.52470.9040
Week 1133018561.95730.9240
Week 1032016941.42770.9510
Week 92107421.62260.9290
Week 8000000010
Week 71014878.75200.7410
Week 61106011240.960
Week 51006454.69270.8440
Week 41106022270.9310
Week 3000000010
Week 21106033270.90

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