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Marc-Andre Fleury - G - PIT

You'll need to focus hard, but try and forget what happened in last year's playoffs. And the playoffs the year before that. Focus. In the regular season (which is what we care about in fantasy town), Fleury has been a very good option. The Pens (for some unknown reason) insist on standing behind him as their #1, despite having a far more stable option in Vokoun at the ready. As long as that vote of confidence remains from the man behind the bench, Fleury will carry significant fantasy value. The Pens promise to rack up the wins again this year, and the Flower is the default option to gather those Ws. Because of his post-season struggles, you will probably see Fleury slide deep come draft time, making him a potential sleeper win.

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Season End303158145.32520.7880
Week 2522012031.5610.9530
Week 2432018572.27650.9030
Week 2333018441.3980.9610
Week 2233018551.62990.9520
Week 2122012010.5610.9841
Week 2031115693.46630.8750
Week 1921012573.36480.8730
Week 1832114783.27720.90
Week 171106521.85320.9410
Week 1644025192.15970.9150
Week 1542121871.93750.9150
Week 1420211763.08420.8750
Week 1331217772.37530.8830
Week 1233018062700.9210
Week 1131113973.02410.8540
Week 1031217793.05740.8920
Week 921111952.52420.8940
Week 843024692.21170.9291
Week 721111863.05380.8640
Week 61106011190.950
Week 521013052.31580.9210
Week 422012520.96500.9621
Week 332117941.34820.9530
Week 221111852.54570.9190
Week 122012562.88500.8930

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