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Roberto Luongo - G - FLA

The goalie trade finally materialized for the Canucks, but of course, it didn't go according to the plan. Luongo now finds himself as the surprise unchallenged starter for Vancouver. Assuming everyone can kiss and make up, this has the makings of a potentially strong comeback season for Luongo on the fantasy front. On the downside, if Coach Torts has his way, Luongo will see less shots than he has been accustomed to, meaning the saves column will take a hit. Still, the increased volume of play will make him a viable #1 option in net once more. The added incentive to play his way into the #1 job for Team Canada won't hurt much either.

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Season End22012420.97690.9721
Week 2521012441.94730.9480
Week 241015855.17280.8480
Week 2320211984.03550.8730
Week 2231012962.79580.9061
Week 2131118792.89830.9020
Week 2033018541.3760.950
Week 1921013052.31530.9140
Week 1821012852.34840.9440
Week 171106521.85300.9380
Week 1621012552.4620.9250
Week 1531217882.7810.910
Week 1421012520.96610.9681
Week 1332118392.95800.8990
Week 1243123971.761250.9471
Week 1121012541.92550.9320
Week 1033014841.62570.9340
Week 92119942.42330.8920
Week 8000000010
Week 7000000010
Week 632116072.62660.9040
Week 532117862.02910.9380
Week 42118774.83390.8480
Week 321112052.5400.8890
Week 221111884.07490.860
Week 11006532.77250.8930

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