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Evgeni Nabokov - G - NYI

Last season, Nabokov delivered a stellar fantasy campaign, reminiscent of his glory days in San Jose. He brought stability to the Islanders net for the first time in decades. It looked as though he would ride off into the sunset (KHL) after the playoffs, but instead, he appears to be ready to give it one more go on an improving Islanders squad. He should get plenty of goal-scoring support this season, and should see plenty of shots. Expect another decent performance, but a repeat of last year's finish (8th in total fantasy points) seems like a reach.

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Stats by Week

Season End1104023300.9380
Week 2522012541.92450.9180
Week 2420112473.39430.860
Week 2320112594.32470.8390
Week 22412239143.511060.8830
Week 2121112473.39520.8810
Week 201106011370.9740
Week 1942222682.121180.9371
Week 181106210.97230.9580
Week 171016033320.9140
Week 1633018420.65890.9781
Week 1532118062650.9150
Week 14312182123.96730.8590
Week 1332117941.34850.9550
Week 1231214572.9620.8990
Week 11000000010
Week 10000000010
Week 9000000010
Week 8000000010
Week 72016732.69280.9030
Week 62027364.93410.8720
Week 5000000010
Week 420112441.94560.9330
Week 31015833.1290.9060
Week 21106022.02290.9350

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