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Tomas Vokoun - G - PIT

Vokoun was money for the Pens in the playoffs and as a fill-in for Fleury last season; however, the boys upstairs are supposedly sticking by their man. That leaves Vokoun holding the bag from a fantasy value perspective. The situation is hardly settled, given Fleury's history, both performance and injury wise. At some point, Vokoun may regain significant fantasy value. Stash him away deep in your draft, just in case.

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Season End1001800710
Week 25000000010
Week 241015933.05250.8930
Week 2322012452.42540.9150
Week 22000000010
Week 212023769.73120.6670
Week 2021111931.51430.9350
Week 1921012520.96670.9711
Week 1831118272.31830.9221
Week 171106033290.9060
Week 1620212063550.9020
Week 1543122082.181240.9391
Week 1421111952.52520.9120
Week 1343022751.321070.9550
Week 12000000010
Week 111014046170.810
Week 1022012052.5570.9190
Week 920211942.02610.9380
Week 8321181113.65650.8550
Week 73028664.19420.8750
Week 61106011320.970
Week 521112183.97410.8370
Week 42017953.8310.8610
Week 333018031920.9681
Week 233018782.57950.9220

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