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Ilya Bryzgalov - G - MIN

Despite the bizarre soundbits and Youtube clips off the ice, Bryzgalov's performance in Philly wasn't nearly as bad as it was made out to be. He had very little assistance from the men in front of him. The biggest factor at this point remains his location. Namely, will he be tending net in the KHL or the NHL come fall. Stay tuned to see if an NHL team takes a chance on him. Depending on the situation, his stock could rise quickly, or disappear forever.

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Season End1015844.14100.7140
Week 2532118341.31640.9410
Week 2443025061.441150.951
Week 2333018520.65940.9792
Week 2243124381.98940.9221
Week 21321186103.23670.870
Week 202109753.09370.8810
Week 1910064001811
Week 1841121361.69900.9380
Week 17000000010
Week 1632018572.27870.9260
Week 151015933.05210.8750
Week 14321185113.57970.8980
Week 131016055110.6880
Week 12302150114.4600.8450
Week 112118764.14460.8850
Week 1033016982.84590.8810
Week 922012352.44550.9170
Week 82017875.38330.8250
Week 71106011300.9680
Week 621012341.95530.930
Week 522012042620.9390
Week 4312153103.92530.8410
Week 320211894.58440.830
Week 221012173.47590.8940
Week 122012010.5420.9771

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