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Sidney Crosby - C - PIT

Same story every season. Crosby sits in a league by himself. When healthy. Last season, he was running away with the scoring title, and still deserved MVP honors, despite having his season cut short by a puck to the face. Even playing 3/4 of a season, he's arguably the best option on the table.

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Season End4156-22000
Week 25426852000
Week 24305540000
Week 23000000000
Week 22000000000
Week 21000000000
Week 20000000000
Week 19000000000
Week 18000000000
Week 17000000000
Week 16000000000
Week 15000000000
Week 14000000000
Week 13000000000
Week 12000000000
Week 11000000000
Week 10100000000
Week 9304400000
Week 8426878001

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