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Corey Perry - RW - ANA

After a dominating 50-goal, MVP season in 2010-11, Perry followed it up with 2 disappointing efforts. With Bobby Ryan out of town, and Selanne fading or retired, all eyes will be on Perry to provide the goal scoring for the Ducks. Expect a nice rebound this season. Even if the goals don't pile up, he contributes enough in every category (especially PIMs), to make him one of the most reliable fantasy wingers in the game.

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Stats by Week

Season End3101021000
Week 25311202000
Week 242000-210000
Week 23330322001
Week 225123-113000
Week 213112-12100
Week 20431424001
Week 194404310201
Week 183011-12000
Week 17100002000
Week 16320222010
Week 15420210100
Week 14342630101
Week 133000-34000
Week 123213-214100
Week 11322412100
Week 10311204000
Week 9313400100
Week 83314-22000
Week 73123-50100
Week 63112013100
Week 53112-34100
Week 44123-26100
Week 3321324101
Week 2210102101
Week 1200006000

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