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Cam Ward - G - CAR

With Ward, it's important to know your particular league's point system. If saves are heavily rewarded, he's your man. Ward faces more rubber each night than most, playing behind the pourous Carolina defense. However, if more traditional stats, such as GAA and Wins drive your point system, Ward may be a bit overrated. Through 8 seasons, he has gone below a 2.5 GAA just once. Last season, in limited action, he posted a 2.84. Not exactly "good" by today's NHL standards. His job in Carolina is never in doubt, so he will get his chances. Consider him a serviceable #2 goalie option.

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Season End21012042610.9381
Week 25312179113.69960.8970
Week 2432117872.36940.9311
Week 2342124392.221520.9440
Week 22311180103.33670.870
Week 21000000010
Week 2021010063.6480.8890
Week 1920012773.31600.8960
Week 1832117941.34920.9581
Week 171106011290.9670
Week 1631018830.961010.9711
Week 1542223782.031240.9390
Week 1421012552.4640.9280
Week 13321183103.28710.8770
Week 1231118482.61590.8810
Week 1131018382.62910.9190
Week 10311143135.45740.8510
Week 920211773.59400.8510
Week 8412242112.731090.9080
Week 7312147104.08680.8720
Week 6312180113.671050.9050
Week 5312143114.62650.8550
Week 421012520.96560.9661
Week 321012441.94730.9480
Week 232117982.68870.9160
Week 11016055.01290.8530

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