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Henrik Lundqvist - G - NYR

While he fell just shy of another Vezina nod last season, you simply cannot get more in terms of reliability than Hank. I suspect that the coaching change will have an overall positive effect on his fantasy numbers. He should see significantly more shots this season, which means more saves. And the shots that Torts dictated be blocked out front tended to be the easier saves for a goalie. Logically, you should see a higher save percentage, more saves, and overall total domination for Lundqvist as this year's top goalie pick.

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Season End43123971.76840.9230
Week 25431248102.42900.90
Week 241015922.03170.8950
Week 2331218392.95590.8680
Week 2243024592.2880.9071
Week 2121112042470.9220
Week 2022012120.99630.9691
Week 1932117951.68760.9380
Week 1822012420.97550.9651
Week 1711060002211
Week 1632118551.62910.9481
Week 1531218482.61640.8890
Week 1422012031.5710.9590
Week 1322012010.5550.9821
Week 1222012031.5580.9510
Week 1120211942.02590.9370
Week 1031118361.97750.9260
Week 922012052.5480.9060
Week 832117951.68830.9431
Week 71106022310.9390
Week 622012031.5630.9550
Week 522012441.94520.9290
Week 420112383.9680.8950
Week 332117441.38950.961
Week 21015933.05300.9090
Week 120012941.86540.9310

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