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Jimmy Howard - G - DET

Howard has been a reliable fantasy option for four years now. He stepped it up a notch last season, arguably carrying them into the playoffs. The Wings have committing to him for the long haul, so he won't have contract issues on his mind. Detroit's young defensive crew is coming together nicely and ought to provide enough support for Howard to make it 5 straight seasons as a solid fantasy keeper.

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Season End21112541.92500.9260
Week 251015944.07170.810
Week 2420112373.41540.8850
Week 23000000010
Week 2231113952.16460.9021
Week 2130218292.97900.9090
Week 20000000010
Week 19000000010
Week 1822012541.92500.9260
Week 172118053.75290.8530
Week 1633018941.27750.9491
Week 1522012941.86500.9260
Week 1421111984.03390.830
Week 1343123961.511160.9511
Week 1232117882.7690.8960
Week 1132117972.35690.9080
Week 1032117962.01820.9320
Week 922012031.5480.9410
Week 833018461.96780.9290
Week 742221992.471070.9220
Week 633018041.33730.9481
Week 531118151.66650.9291
Week 420211842.03450.9180
Week 31106022320.9410
Week 222012420.97370.9491
Week 11106033290.9060

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