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Pekka Rinne - G - NAS

Rinne, along with the entire Nashville team, took a big step backwards last season. Maybe they missed Suter that much. Despite the slip, Rinne remains the epitome of the word "workhorse". He will continue to own the pipes for 85% of the action in Nashville, which means wins should continue to pile up. Look for a bounce back in other categories, with a Preds team that just has to be better this season.

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Season End31217893.03840.9030
Week 25421200103700.8750
Week 2431119092.84880.9070
Week 2332116393.31690.8850
Week 2233018041.331010.9620
Week 2132018551.62860.9450
Week 2032117962.01810.9310
Week 19301188103.19910.9010
Week 1822012052.5630.9260
Week 1722012021490.9610
Week 1633018031940.9691
Week 1533018051.67950.950
Week 1421111963.03530.8980
Week 1343025092.161040.920
Week 1232113893.91690.8850
Week 1133018551.621110.9570
Week 1032117982.68680.8950
Week 92019064410.8720
Week 8303139104.32700.8750
Week 732018361.971020.9440
Week 621012341.95540.9310
Week 532018582.591000.9261
Week 432117851.69820.9431
Week 331213962.59670.9181
Week 220112562.88650.9150
Week 122012042630.940

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