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Corey Crawford - G - CHI

If it's wins that you crave, consider holding out for Crawford as your #1 in net. The Hawks will surely deliver plenty in the W column again in 2013-14, and this time, assuming he stays healthy, Crawford won't have to share the net with Emery. Khabibulin will fill in only when Crawford needs a breather. His numbers last year were among the best in the league. He just needs more starts to rank with the elite.

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Season End32019082.53670.8930
Week 2532116462.2580.9060
Week 2433016531.09550.9480
Week 23000000010
Week 222014778.94130.650
Week 2131214583.31590.8810
Week 2033018041.33840.9550
Week 191015955.08220.8150
Week 1820110784.49530.8690
Week 171016022230.920
Week 162119663.75380.8640
Week 1532018382.62930.9210
Week 14302182113.63680.8610
Week 1332117751.69990.9520
Week 121106011200.9520
Week 11000000010
Week 101002138.57130.8120
Week 921111084.36540.8710
Week 832117972.35690.9080
Week 731113283.64540.8710
Week 632118093670.8820
Week 5321187123.85970.890
Week 421112552.4590.9220
Week 332018572.27650.9030
Week 21006521.85350.9460
Week 121111742.05500.9260

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