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Niklas Backstrom - G - MIN

Over the past few years, it was starting to look like the Wild were ready to hand a share of the starter's work to Harding; however, with Harding's injury last season and the 3 year extension this summer, it appears the #1 job belongs to Backstrom again this season. He put in another respectable effort in 2013, but cannot seem to get back to the elite level he reached four years ago. Minnesota continues to improve, so he may be in line for more wins this season. There is always the possibility for him to reemerge as a top 5 talent, but at a minimum, you can bank on him as a decent #2.

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Season End22012552.4510.9110
Week 25000000010
Week 24000000010
Week 23000000010
Week 2231112383.9410.8370
Week 2132114983.22770.9060
Week 2021012531.44720.961
Week 1930317793.05650.8780
Week 1821012510.48620.9841
Week 171106022240.9230
Week 161016044290.8790
Week 15000000010
Week 141015933.05330.9170
Week 13312178103.37810.890
Week 1230218592.92910.910
Week 1130118861.91880.9360
Week 101106011350.9720
Week 933014552.07670.9310
Week 8101932050.6250
Week 722012021700.9721
Week 642120761.741200.9521
Week 5000000010
Week 41015933.05130.8120
Week 331118882.55800.9090
Week 231118861.91740.9250
Week 11106022290.9350

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