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Mike Smith - G - PHO

Somewhat predictably, Smith's game back down to earth last season after an anomaly of a crazy-good effort in '11-'12. Even with the significant setback, he was dependable as a #2 option. The problem was, many overvalued him and wasted an early pick based on one season. There is no particular reason to be overly excited about the Coyotes, and thus, Smith, this season. If you're in the market for a decent #2 goalie who can carry you a few weeks of the season, Smith is your guy. If you're banking on another Vezina-candidate campaign, prepare to be disappointed.

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Season End220120008212
Week 2531019082.53980.9250
Week 24421249143.371210.8960
Week 2331112341.95730.9481
Week 2242224492.211080.9230
Week 2133018982.54670.8930
Week 2022012110.5580.9831
Week 1944024330.741190.9751
Week 182119463.83470.8870
Week 171106022320.9410
Week 16412244133.21030.8880
Week 1520013031.38710.9590
Week 1431117851.69850.9440
Week 13000000010
Week 1221110442.31460.920
Week 1131217993.02690.8850
Week 10312141114.68550.8330
Week 931213962.59670.9180
Week 832117972.35770.9171
Week 732118561.951180.9520
Week 621012131.49640.9551
Week 522012031.5630.9550
Week 432019072.211020.9360
Week 321111763.08490.8910
Week 221012520.96420.9550
Week 11015866.18460.8850

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