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Jaroslav Halak - G - WAS

Should the Blues ever settle on a goalie, the winner of that lottery will emerge as a solid fantasy starter. Halak, Elliot, and newcomer Allen split the action 3 ways last season, to the detriment of each other. It's a bit of crap-shoot predicting the front runner, but I'm betting on Halak re-emerging this season as the top option for St. Louis. His GAA over the past two seasons has been among the best in the league. Don't bank on him as your #1 man to start the season, but you can take a flier on him late in the draft and potentially strike gold.

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Stats by Week

Season End20112573.36650.9030
Week 251015944.07180.8180
Week 2421012541.92650.9420
Week 2333018031760.9620
Week 2244024561.47990.9430
Week 2122013041.85640.9410
Week 201015922.03310.9390
Week 192108932.02340.9191
Week 1821112021560.9661
Week 171015933.05250.8930
Week 1633018020.67560.9662
Week 1522012520.96480.961
Week 1422012042630.940
Week 1321012541.92530.930
Week 1221012552.4470.9040
Week 1121012552.4470.9040
Week 101106022210.9130
Week 921012531.44510.9440
Week 81015833.1250.8930
Week 721012431.45500.9430
Week 621012520.96490.9611
Week 51015922.03240.9230
Week 41015844.14260.8670
Week 31014145.85140.7780
Week 231217793.05550.8590
Week 11015933.06120.80

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