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Tobias Enstrom - D - WIN

Following a strong start, Enstrom bowed out early last season with a shoulder injury. Upon returning, he struggled to put up points and ended the season back in the nurse's station with an achin' back. Obviously, injuries will continue to be a concern for Enstrom; however, you can probably wait on him as many will have forgotten on gotten gunshy on trust. Should he return to good health, he should return to the 3rd tier of fantasy defensemen.

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Stats by Week

Season End4000-34000
Week 253033-14000
Week 24301102000
Week 23313440000
Week 22301120000
Week 21300002000
Week 20401150000
Week 193011-34000
Week 184000-14000
Week 17201100000
Week 16431414101
Week 153022-20000
Week 143022-32000
Week 13302220000
Week 12402202000
Week 11101100000
Week 10000000000
Week 9000000000
Week 8000000000
Week 7000000000
Week 6000000000
Week 5100000000
Week 4302212000
Week 3412306100
Week 2201112000
Week 1100000000

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