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Brian Elliott - G - STL

Elliot seemed to regain control of the goalie situation down the stretch and into the playoffs last seasons. He failed to live up to the insane standard he set the previous year, but made a strong case for #1 job. However, Hitchcock has proven to be quick to change, given his options in net. Should he secure the net full time, his stock could rise. Seems more likely to endure another split crease in 2013-14, which severely limits his viability.

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Season End11060002411
Week 25210125005712
Week 241015922.03280.9330
Week 231106011210.9550
Week 221016011220.9570
Week 211015844.14150.7890
Week 2032118031630.9551
Week 1933015931.13600.9520
Week 18000000010
Week 171006521.85370.9490
Week 16000000010
Week 151006132.95180.8570
Week 1411060001511
Week 1320211963.03570.9050
Week 1221111852.54430.8960
Week 111106011250.9620
Week 1022012021510.9621
Week 91016044310.8860
Week 833018430.98780.9631
Week 71106011210.9550
Week 611059001911
Week 51106022280.9330
Week 421111921.01470.9591
Week 332014452.08660.930
Week 21106022340.9440

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