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Carey Price - G - MON

Montreal put together a surprising start, but were somewhat exposed towards the end of the season and into the playoffs. At the same time, Price was steady, but not spectacular. His stats were actually the worst he's posted since 2009. Your view on Price's value will largely be driven by your view on Montreal's direction. I see them moving in the opposite direction this season and missing the playoffs. Likewise, I don't see Price being much more than a mediocre #2 option for your fantasy squad.

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Stats by Week

Season End20112462.9590.9080
Week 2521111942.02650.9420
Week 2421012741.89660.9430
Week 2321111963.03610.910
Week 2231218492.93850.9040
Week 2120211863.05530.8980
Week 20412245133.181100.8940
Week 1933018541.3950.961
Week 1831217862.02770.9281
Week 171106022260.9290
Week 1621112042450.9180
Week 1530218472.28730.9120
Week 1422012042470.9220
Week 1331217782.71830.9120
Week 12303178124.04880.880
Week 11312178124.04800.870
Week 1031018961.9820.9320
Week 921012541.92640.9410
Week 8412245112.691180.9150
Week 732018520.65720.9732
Week 621112141.98430.9150
Week 521112052.5570.9190
Week 433018041.33760.950
Week 3302179103.35710.8770
Week 220112594.32420.8240
Week 121111831.52460.9390

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