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Jonathan Quick - G - LOS

Simply put, Quick tanked last season. He showed no signs of the man who dominated the position for the prior two years. That changed in the playoffs, as he returned to form and carried the team for 2 rounds. That run brings hope to fantasy owners looking for a top notch goalie that may be underrated at this year's draft. He didn't even crack the top 20 in fantasy points by the end of last season. Look for a rapid return to the top 5 this year.

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Season End32117920.67560.9661
Week 2532118351.64770.9391
Week 2422012042400.9090
Week 23321184103.26680.8720
Week 2232117941.34740.9491
Week 2131114572.9520.8811
Week 2020211721.03370.9490
Week 1942122271.89820.9210
Week 1821111931.51520.9450
Week 171105911.02270.9640
Week 1631119061.89830.9330
Week 1531018872.23940.9310
Week 1431118320.66590.9671
Week 1333018041.33910.9581
Week 1242120482.35890.9180
Week 1131212973.26470.870
Week 1020211773.59440.8630
Week 922012010.5740.9871
Week 820112152.48600.9230
Week 732118482.61920.920
Week 631217893.03870.9060
Week 520112552.4550.9170
Week 431118392.95730.890
Week 3330179008313
Week 221012731.42680.9580
Week 11106421.88240.9230

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