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Antti Niemi - G - SAN

According to my charts, Antti Niemi provided more fantasy points than any other player in the league. (I'll pause while you absorb that thought). (thought you might need more time...) Much of this came in the first 3 weeks of the season when San Jose seemingly couldn't lose a game. He finished the season strong as well, piling up 24 wins in 43 games. While I don't expect the Sharks to be as good this time around, he is the undisputed #1 in net for San Jose. He will again get his fair share of wins and will remain a viable #1 option. Just don't expect a repeat as the top fantasy man.

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Season End42223751.271090.9561
Week 25422213123.38990.8920
Week 2443025381.9970.9240
Week 2330119082.53820.9110
Week 2241319372.18770.9171
Week 213119274.57410.8540
Week 2020112294.43440.830
Week 1931217893.03870.9060
Week 1821111842.03490.9251
Week 1711060002511
Week 1631218492.93700.8860
Week 1531118482.61870.9161
Week 1433018551.62810.9420
Week 1320112262.95470.8870
Week 1233018451.63730.9360
Week 1132018492.93760.8940
Week 1041224082860.9150
Week 921112352.44600.9230
Week 821111931.51580.9511
Week 722011931.51700.9590
Week 622012031.5500.9430
Week 5301125115.28610.8470
Week 422011931.51490.9420
Week 332118382.63720.90

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