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Devan Dubnyk - G - MON

For his first few seasons as a starter, Dubnyk had to deal with Khabibulin looking over his shoulder. He enters this season, clearly established as the man on a team that should (in theory) win a lot of games going forward. The defense remains suspect, which means a lot of action (saves), though his GAA may continue to suffer until this unit gels. He has potential for a big season, making him a sleeper target late in your draft.

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Stats by Week

Season End21111942.02540.9310
Week 2533018572.27960.9320
Week 2442124461.481100.9481
Week 231106521.85280.9330
Week 2231214693.7620.8730
Week 2132117941.34730.9481
Week 202029863.67310.8380
Week 191015955.08250.8330
Week 18330184103.261090.9160
Week 1721013031.38770.9620
Week 162017943.04260.8670
Week 152109231.96320.9140
Week 1421111973.53720.9110
Week 132017943.04330.8920
Week 12000000010
Week 111015844.14380.9050
Week 1020211673.62590.8940
Week 91106033360.9230
Week 821111963.03540.90
Week 7100402370.7780
Week 61016066220.7860
Week 51015933.05260.8970
Week 41106011400.9760
Week 31015922.03260.9290
Week 21015844.14220.8460
Week 11106510.93330.9710

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