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Sergei Bobrovsky - G - COB

After a revelation of a season, all eyes will be on Bobrovsky to see if he can repeat the magic. The Jackets are clearly on rise and will rely on Sergei to keep them moving that way. There is no reason to doubt he will be a solid contributor once again fantasy wise, but expecting another Vezina may be overshooting. He is certainly a safe #1 option in net.

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Season End32018582.59850.9140
Week 25000000010
Week 24000000010
Week 231016044270.8710
Week 22000000010
Week 21000000010
Week 201012337.83140.8240
Week 19312177124.07660.8460
Week 1810129612.41170.7390
Week 171106521.85230.920
Week 161015833.1230.8850
Week 1522012031.5680.9580
Week 141015833.1300.9090
Week 131106022240.9230
Week 122109321.29460.9580
Week 112109342.58440.9170
Week 101001300310
Week 9000000010
Week 832116131.12760.9620
Week 721111984.03510.8640
Week 6000000010
Week 51006532.77360.9230
Week 42108475340.8290
Week 31106022.01210.9130

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