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Simon Despres - D - PIT

The Pens intentionally held Despres back last season, despite his enormous potential. Minutes after being bumped from the playoffs, the team made a point of saying that Despres will enjoy a much bigger role with the team in 2013-14. With the amount of goal scoring that goes on in Pittsburgh, that means plenty of potential. This will be the breakout season for Despres.

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Season End200002000
Week 25000000000
Week 24000000000
Week 23200010000
Week 22000000000
Week 21000000000
Week 20000000000
Week 19000000000
Week 18000000000
Week 17000000000
Week 16000000000
Week 15100000000
Week 14000000000
Week 13301120000
Week 12310110100
Week 11311222100
Week 103000-14000
Week 9201122000

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