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Ovechkin and DC - A perfect match

by Chewbacca 5. May 2009 04:55

In a city where the most famous people are infamously self-centered and arrogant, Alex Ovechkin is a perfect match.  After scoring a huge goal to cap off a hat trick and lead his team to victory, #8 showed his true self in the post-game interview.  When the interviewer had the audacity to ask him to comment on the play of Simeon Varlamov, Mr. DC had this to say, "Yeah, he's good.  But I don't want to talk about him".  In other words (queue Toby Keith), "I wanna talk about me.  I wanna talk about I…". 


And this is the biggest reason why the Capitals will fall short this spring, and every spring, until he gets it.  Every lesson I've learned about what it takes to win the Stanley Cup points to the team.  Sacrifice.  Unselfishless.  No doubt, Ovechkin will continue to provide amazing highlights, and even another game winner or two.  But until he comes to understand that he is not God, and that there are one or two other players in red who had something to do with that Game 2 victory, this team will go nowhere.  Was it so hard to come up with 1 or 2 nice words to say about the rookie goalie that rescued this team from Round 1 elimination?  Or maybe he was still burning from the pain of watching his hometown fans throw the hats on the ice for Sidney Crosby's amazing hat trick goal.  Hats that they held back from him.  Many of which were Capitals hats.


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